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Around the World A�a��A�

kick five goal into an open net from five different locations and your fan wins the grand prize!


Target Kick a��

your fan gets the chance to kick from 25 yards through the target.A� If successful, they win!


Truck Kick a��

your contestant attempts to kick the soccer ball and land it in the bed of the truck.A� If successful, they win!


Goal Post Kick a��

your contestant will get to kick 2 balls to try to hit each goal post.A� If successful, they win!


Open Net Kick a��

your contestant will get one free kick from mid-field into a 4a��x6a�� open net.A� If they score the goal, they win!


Rapid Fire a��

your contestant will have 25 seconds to make 15 goals to win the grand prize!

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