Available Promotions

Target Shot a��

your contestant takes their shot from center ice or the blue line.A� If they make it through the target opening, they win big!


Goal Post Shot a��

your contestant takes 2 shots from center ice.A� If they can hit each goal post, they win!A� You can also do this with 1 shot and the contestant will a�?Call their shota�?.A� Right or left post for the win!


Rapid Fire a��

your contestant has 30 seconds to make 25 pucks.A� If they are successful, they win!


Turkey Slide a��

great promotion to run in November and December.A� Your contestant attempts to slide a turkey from Center Ice into the open net!A� If they score a goal, they win!


Dot to Dot Shot a��

your contestant will attempt to shoot the puck from one face off dot circle and stop it on the opposite face off dot circle.A� If they are successful, they win!


Bean Bag Toss / Cornhole a��

if your fan throws the bean bag through the hole from 60 feet, they win!A� The target board is custom branded for your sponsor!A� You can host 2 contestants throwing from 10 feet to determine who advances to the 60 foot toss for the grand prize!


Golden Goal a��

if your team scores a goal at the exact time that is predetermined, the fans win big!A� Great for a sponsor with numbers in their name or celebrating a certain number of years in business.


30 Seconds to Win a��

if your team scores a goal within a predetermined 30 second period, a lucky fan wins big!A� Great opportunity to highlight a sponsor and grab every fans attention for 30 seconds!


Chuck A Puck a��

your fans throw foam/rubber pucks towards a target at center ice.A� If someone can land the bulls eye, they win!


Player/Coach Incentive a��

do you need to cover a bonus to a player or coach if they accomplish a certain feat?A� We can take the risk out of your hands!

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