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Hole in One

having a hole in one prize at a golf tournament is the same has having hot dogs at a baseball game. The golfers expect it to be there. If a golfer makes a hole in one, they win! Prizes can be anything such as CASH, CARS, JEWELRY, EXOTIC TRIPS, DREAM SPORTS TRIPS, SEASON TICKETS, HOME MAKEOVERS, MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, ETC!!!


Putting Contest

we offer putting contests on and off the golf course, inside and outside. We have executed these at all types of sporting events, retail locations, restaurants, bars and golf courses.


PGA Predictions

if your consumers can predict the Top 4 finishers of the next PGA tournament, they will win big!


Super Circle

your golfers will attempt to land their shot on the green inside a 6 diameter circle. If they land it inside that circle, they win!


Golf Bag Chip Shot

your golfer will attempt to chip their ball from 60 feet. If they land it inside the bag, they win!

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