Available Promotions

Half Court Shot

the most exciting shot in basketball. Give a fan the chance to make a shot from half court to go home a big winner!


24 Second Progressive Shot

the contestant has 24 seconds to make a lay-up, free-throw, 3-pointer and a half court shot. Best of all, no problem if they miss those first 3 shots, they can get their rebound and try again until the buzzer sounds!


4 Shots 4 Cash

the contestant has 4 shots to take and can win an incremental prize based on how many they make. Lay-up, free-throw, 3-pointer and half court shot. If they make any 3, they still win big!



the contestant gets the chance to ?bowl ? the basketball across the court and through the provided target. If they are successful, they win!


Bean Bag Toss / Cornhole

if your fan throws the bean bag through the hole from 60 feet, they win! The target board is custom branded for your sponsor! You can host 2 contestants throwing from 10 feet to determine who advances to the 60 foot toss for the grand prize!


Putting Contest

we offer two different putting contests for the basketball court. You can choose to utilize our 60 foot portable green with regulation cup or you can allow your contestant to putt across the court attempting to putt the ball through the target opening! Easy to execute!


3 Point Challenge

your contestant has 60 seconds to make 15 total 3-pointers. They can shoot as many times as they can in 60 seconds, they just have to make 15 to win BIG!


Lay It On The Line

A custom branded banner for you will be displayed on the floor at the foul line. Your contestant attempts to roll the basketball from one end of the court to the opposite foul line and stop the ball on the banner. If successful, they win!


Score Prediction

offer your consumers the chance to predict the final score of the upcoming basketball game. If they get it correct, they win!


March Bracket Challenge

the college basketball tournament every March is the biggest marketing opportunity of the year. Consumers across the country are all filling out brackets to see if they can predict the winners. We offer complete packages either online or on-site to offer for March Madness including guaranteed prizes for your participants!


Round of 16 Challenge

we offer the chance for your consumers to predict the teams that will advance to the Sweet 16 of the college basketball tournament! All they have to do is get those 16 teams correct and they win!


Player/Coach Incentive

do you need to cover a bonus to a player or coach if they accomplish a certain feat? We can take the risk out of your hands!

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