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Available Promotions


Pass, Punt, Kick a��

your contestant attempts to go the length of the field with a pass, punt and conclude with a field goal kick for the win!


Window Toss a��

your contestant gets the chance to throw a Nerf football into the open window of the car. If successful, they drive home a winner!


Kick for Cash a��

your contestant gets the chance to kick a field goal. If they make it, they win! Ita��s that simple!


Progressive Kick a��

your contestant attempts a short, medium and long distance field goal. They win prizes based on how many they make!


Truck Bed Kick a��

Park a truck on the field, in a parking lot or anywhere you like. The contestant will get the chance to punt the football, if they can land it in the bed of the truck, they win!


Bean Bag Toss / Cornhole a��

if your fan throws the bean bag through the hole from 60 feet, they win! The target board is custom branded for your sponsor! You can host 2 contestants throwing from 10 feet to determine who advances to the 60 foot toss for the grand prize!


Target Toss a��

there are many options to choose from for this contest. You can have your contestant make a series of throws from short to long and win prizes based on how many tosses they make or do a single toss from a defined distance. Let us create a custom target for you and get the crowd cheering on your contestant!


Money Bag Grab a��

drive your truck filled with money bags in the bed of the truck out on the field at halftime and allow your contestant to select a money bag to see what they win! They could win the truck, $500 cash or even a new set of tires!


Shopping Cart Toss a��

give your contestant the chance to throw a football into a shopping cart to win big! Great promotion for retail and grocery store sponsors.


Score Prediction a��

if your contestant can guess the final score of the upcoming game, they win big!


Football Squares a��

are you hosting an event around a big game? Offer a squares promotion and if the final score matches the pre-determined winning square, the consumer with that square wins!


Undefeated Season a��

do you think your team can go undefeated? Offer a rebate promotion around your teams season.


Kickoff Return for TD a��

if your team returns their opening kickoff for a touchdown, a consumer wins and SafetyNet pays!


Call the TD a��

if your team scores a touchdown on a play that is exactly 90-103 yards, a consumer wins and SafetyNet pays! You can center this around a radio station call number, anniversary, favorite number or anything you want!


Play that Pays a��

we can select a certain play within the game to occur, if it happens, someone wins big and SafetyNet pays! Examples could be a QB throwing 5 or more TDa��s in a game, your team blocking a punt and returning for a TD, a Safety being scored.


Player/Coach Incentive a��

do you need to cover a bonus to a player or coach if they accomplish a certain feat? We can take the risk out of your hands!

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