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Auto Show 2

Auto Show, Mall Display and Community Event Promotions

Are you displaying cars at an auto show, local mall, community festival, local concert or any other community event? Use our promotions to offer those consumers the chance to win a new car. This will be that incentive to capture consumers valuable contact information for future marketing.

Bean bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss / Cornhole


Hold a qualifying contest allowing consumers to throw the bean bag from 10 feet. Whoever makes the most in a row moves on to throw for a new car!

Dice Roll 2

Dice Roll


Consumers who enter your showroom will get the chance to roll the dice to win! If they spell out the 4, 5 or 6 letter word, they win the grand prize!

Fishing Mystery Weight

Fishing Tournament Mystery Weight

If your lucky angler matches a predetermined weight, they go home in a new vehicle!

Fishing Tournament State Record

Fishing Tournament State Record

If any angler in your tournament catches a new state record fish, they win a new vehicle!

Frisbee Toss

Frisbee Toss

If your contestant will get the chance to throw a Frisbee through either a custom template or through the window of a car! If they are successful, they win!

Hole in One

Hole in One

Having a hole in one prize at a golf tournament is the same has having hot dogs at a baseball game. The golfers expect it to be there. If a golfer makes a hole in one, they win the car!

Putting Contest

Putting Contest

Give your consumers the chance to putt for a new car or even a down payment! You can do it right at your dealership or at a golf event!

License to Win

License to Win / Social Pay Day /


Consumers will check to see if the last 6 digits on their driver s license or social security number match the pre-selected last 6 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number posted. If so, they win!

Lucky Guess

Lucky Guess

Your consumers will guess the number of items in a container. This could be number of golf tees in the bed of a truck, popsicle sticks in a cooler, or any item you can think of.

Lucky Pick

Lucky Pick

This promotion can be customized for any theme or season. Give your contestant the chance to win a new car if they pick the lucky item. Display 50 items or envelopes, inside one it says NEW CAR, if they pick that item or envelope they win! The display items could be money bags, back packs for back to school, gas cans for summer fuel, numbered footballs for the BIG GAME, numbered keys or even wrapped presents for Christmas!



A great promotion to allow visitors to your dealership the chance to predict the Top 4, 5 or 6 finishers of the next NASCAR race! If they are correct, they win!

Odometer Match

Odometer Match

Each consumer who trades in their vehicle will enter their odometer reading into our prize vault to determine if mileage matches the programmed winning mileage. If so, they win an additional $10,000 or more on their trade in!

Prize Vault

Prize Vault

This is a great promotion to allow a large number of people to participate. Contestants attempt to enter the correct code to open the prize vault. If a contestant ?cracks the code ? they win the grand prize!

Money in the hands of the people

Rebate Promotions

Offer every customer who purchases a vehicle during a specified time period the chance to win a full or partial rebate if a specified event occurs. This could be your home team winning the championship, a record snow fall or rain, or an event happening in a game.

Sport closeup detail

Sports Promotions

Offer a promotion at a high school, college or professional sports game. This will generate attention towards your dealership as supporting the local team and gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand in front of your hometown fans. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, LaCrosse, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball. We have promotions for everything!


Weather Promotions

Create a promotion around a weather event such as heat, snow or rain. Tie this in with New Year s, Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, President s Day or 4th of July. You can customize the prize however you want. An example is the 4th of July 100 for 100 Event. The first 100 consumers who purchase a vehicle will receive free payments for a year if it reaches 100 degrees on the 4th of July!


Take your direct mail campaign to the next level by offering consumers the chance to win great prizes by visiting your showroom. Increase your response rates by offering a valuable prize!

Woman shopping in mall

Number Match

Contestants visit the sponsor location to compare the number printed on their mail piece to the posted winning number. If it is a match, they win the grand prize!

Close-up of woman's hand holding key

Key Mailer

Design your mail piece with a key enclosed directing the consumer to your showroom for the chance to win a new car. If the key on their mail piece is the winning key, they win the new car! We can provide the keys necessary for this promotion!

Scan to Win


Your mail piece the consumer receives will have a bar coded numbered area to be scanned. When the consumer visits your showroom, you will scan their piece to determine if they win a new car!


Newspaper Insert

You will include a number printed on your advertisement in your local newspaper giving the consumers a chance to win a new car. When the consumer brings their insert to your dealership, if it has the winning number, they win a new car!

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