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We offer promotions for high school, college or professional sporting events. These promotions will generate attention towards your company by supporting the local team and give you the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand in front of your hometown fans.



Looking to drive traffic to your dealership or get the most out of your local, regional or national sponsorships? SafetyNet Promotions can help you maximize your marketing dollars and turn small events into huge promotional opportunities.

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This section is coming soon. Please check back with us later to plan any special events. Feel free to pass on any ideas that you might have to our team when you get a chance!


SafetyNet Promotions provides companies of any size the opportunity to provide a large prize of any dollar amount for a small fee that is a fraction of the prize value. If someone wins the prize, SafetyNet Promotions pays! Our clients choose us to enhance their campaigns and better leverage sponsorship dollars in order to build greater brand awareness and drive sales of their products and services! Our products encourage participation, drive traffic and enhance any event!

Clients utilize SafetyNet Promotions for any event. These include sports halftime promotions, retail promotions, radio promotions, direct mail campaigns, trade-show promotions, casino promotions, non-profit fundraising events, restaurant and bar promotions, sweepstakes, rodeo promotions, fishing tournaments and more! The opportunity to offer a big prize is anywhere.

We have hundreds of proven promotions that have been executed time and time again and we are always brainstorming with our clients to develop new promotions to fit their exact need. We can provide a promotion for any event to help you accomplish your goal!


SafetyNet is a leading provider in the industry, providing top notch specialty promotions and price guarantees to our customers. SafetyNet has unmatched customer service and attention to detail. We work to ensure that every event we work with offers you the best exposure.


  • Drive more traffic to your store!
  • Create excitement in your area!
  • Increase visibility in your community!
  • Sell more products!

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